Some of the common native birds found in the Anglesea and Aireys Inlet district are detailed in the table below.

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BirdLocationSize (cm)
Australasian DarterWetland Coastal90
Australasian GannetWetland Coastal90
Australasian GrebeWetland Coastal25
Australian HobbyOpen Bush Heathland35
Australian King-ParrotOpen Bush Heathland45
Australian MagpieOpen Bush Heathland44
Australian PelicanWetland Coastal180
Australian RavenOpen Bush Heathland54
Australian ShelduckWetland Coastal73
Australian White IbisWetland Coastal75
Australian Wood DuckWetland Coastal48
Bassian ThrushOpen Bush Heathland29
Beautiful FiretailOpen Bush Heathland13
Black fronted DotterelWetland Coastal18
Black SwanWetland Coastal140
Black-browed AlbatrossWetland Coastal90
Black-faced Cuckoo-shrikesOpen Bush Heathland36
Black-fronted DotterelWetland Coastal18
Black-shouldered KiteWetland Coastal35
Black-tailed Native-henWetland Coastal38
Black-winged StiltWetland Coastal37
Blue-winged ParrotOpen Bush Heathland24
Brown FalconOpen Bush Heathland50
Brown GoshawkOpen Bush Heathland55
Brown SkuaWetland Coastal66
Brown ThornbillOpen Bush Heathland10
Brown-headed HoneyeaterOpen Bush Heathland14
Brush CuckooOpen Bush Heathland26
Buff-banded RailWetland Coastal32
Buff-rumped ThornbillOpen Bush Heathland10
Chestnut TealWetland Coastal50
Collared SparrowhawkOpen Bush Heathland39
Common BronzewingOpen Bush Heathland36
Common GreenshankWetland Coastal35
Crescent HoneyeaterOpen Bush Heathland17
Crested Shrike-titOpen Bush Heathland19
Crested TernWetland Coastal48
Crimson RosellaOpen Bush Heathland36
Double-banded PloverWetland Coastal21
Dusky MoorhenWetland Coastal40
Dusky WoodswallowOpen Bush Heathland18
Eastern Great EgretWetland Coastal105
Eastern OspreyOpen Bush Heathland65
Eastern RosellaOpen Bush Heathland33
Eastern SpinebillOpen Bush Heathland16
Eastern Yellow RobinOpen Bush Heathland15
Eurasian CootWetland Coastal38
Eurasian SkylarkOpen Bush Heathland19
Fan-tailed CuckooOpen Bush Heathland28
Flame RobinOpen Bush Heathland13
Fluttering ShearwaterWetland Coastal37
GalahOpen Bush Heathland35
Gang Gang CockatooOpen Bush Heathland36
Golden WhistlerOpen Bush Heathland17
Great CormorantWetland Coastal85
Great EgretWetland Coastal100
Grey ButcherbirdOpen Bush Heathland30
Grey FantailOpen Bush Heathland17
Grey PloverWetland Coastal30
Grey Shrike-thrushOpen Bush Heathland24
Grey TealWetland Coastal45
HardheadWetland Coastal60
Hoary-headed GrebeWetland Coastal30
Hooded PloverWetland Coastal23
Horsefield's Bronze CuckooOpen Bush Heathland17
Hutton's ShearwaterWetland Coastal38
Jacky WinterOpen Bush Heathland14
Latham's SnipeWetland Coastal30
Laughing KookaburraOpen Bush Heathland48
Little Black CormorantWetland Coastal65
Little CorellaOpen Bush Heathland39
Little EagleOpen Bush Heathland55
Little PenguinWetland Coastal45
Little Pied CormorantWetland Coastal65
Little RavenOpen Bush Heathland50
Little WattlebirdOpen Bush Heathland35
Magpie-larkOpen Bush Heathland30
Masked LapwingWetland Coastal37
MistletoebirdOpen Bush Heathland10
Musk DuckWetland Coastal65
Nankeen KestrelWetland Coastal35
Nankeen Night-HeronWetland Coastal65
New Holland HoneyeaterOpen Bush Heathland16
Olive-backed OrioleOpen Bush Heathland28
Pacific Black DuckWetland Coastal60
Pacific GullWetland Coastal66
Peregrine FalconOpen Bush Heathland50
Pied CurrawongOpen Bush Heathland50
Powerful OwlOpen Bush Heathland67
Purple SwamphenWetland Coastal48
Rainbow Bee-eaterOpen Bush Heathland27
Red WattlebirdOpen Bush Heathland37
Red-browed FinchOpen Bush Heathland12
Red-capped PloverWetland Coastal16
Red-kneed DotterelWetland Coastal19
Red-rumped ParrotOpen Bush Heathland28
Rose RobinOpen Bush Heathland13
Royal SpoonbillWetland Coastal80
Rufous BristlebirdWetland Coastal27
Rufous FantailOpen Bush Heathland16
Rufous WhistlerOpen Bush Heathland17
Sacred KingfisherOpen Bush Heathland23
Satin BowerbirdOpen Bush Heathland34
Satin FlycatcherOpen Bush Heathland17
Scarlet RobinOpen Bush Heathland13
Shining Bronze CuckooOpen Bush Heathland18
Short-tailed ShearwaterWetland Coastal45
Shy AlbatrossWetland Coastal100
Silver GullWetland Coastal42
SilvereyeOpen Bush Heathland12
Singing HoneyeaterOpen Bush Heathland22
Southern BoobookOpen Bush Heathland35
Southern Emu-wrenOpen Bush Heathland19
Spotted CrakeWetland Coastal22
Spotted PardaloteOpen Bush Heathland10
Straw-necked IbisWetland Coastal70
Striated FieldwrenOpen Bush Heathland14
Striated PardaloteOpen Bush Heathland11
Striated ThornbillOpen Bush Heathland10
Stubble QuailOpen Bush Heathland20
Suberb Fairy-wrenOpen Bush Heathland14
Sulphur-crested CockatooOpen Bush Heathland55
Swamp HarrierOpen Bush Heathland60
Swift ParrotOpen Bush Heathland26
Tawny FrogmouthOpen Bush Heathland52
Tawny-crowned HoneyeaterOpen Bush Heathland17
Tree MartinOpen Bush Heathland13
Varied SitellaOpen Bush Heathland13
Wedge-tailed EagleOpen Bush Heathland105
Welcome SwallowOpen Bush Heathland15
Whistling KiteOpen Bush Heathland60
White GoshawkOpen Bush Heathland55
White Plumed HoneyeaterOpen Bush Heathland17
White-browed ScrubwrenOpen Bush Heathland14
White-eared HoneyeaterOpen Bush Heathland14
White-faced HeronWetland Coastal69
White-fronted ChatWetland Coastal13
White-naped HoneyeaterOpen Bush Heathland15
White-necked HeronWetland Coastal105
White-throated NeedletailOpen Bush Heathland22
White-throated TreecreeperOpen Bush Heathland16
Willie WagtailOpen Bush Heathland20
Yellow-billed SpoonbillWetland Coastal90
Yellow-faced HoneyeaterOpen Bush Heathland17
Yellow-nosed AlbatrossWetland Coastal80
Yellow-rumped ThornbillOpen Bush Heathland12
Yellow-tailed Black-CockatooOpen Bush Heathland65



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