In October 2020 Janet Stephens was awarded the prestigious Best Friend Award for her work protecting the heathlands and woodlands of the Anglesea District.

janetstephensJanet Stephens

The Best Friend Award has been awarded since 1991 by the Victorian Environment Friends Network, which is a committee supported by the Victorian National Parks Association (VNPA), the premier advocacy group for national parks in Victoria.

Janet has been involved in many activities within ANGAIR over the past 20 years, including co-editor of this newsletter, but I am only going to briefly describe her work in Environmental Care.

In 2013 Janet took over a leadership position by sharing responsibility with me, preparing, organizing and supervising ANGAIR’s Monday morning working bees. She has also been the organiser in protecting a 200-hectare parcel of bushland, which is part of the Anglesea Heath, a listed community of the National Estate, directly north and east of Anglesea township. Janet has been very successful in obtaining Government grants since 2014 to remove environmental weeds and restore the natural vegetation. She has actively sought volunteer labour from school groups, corporate groups, and ANGAIR volunteers, to complete these projects. Janet’s drive and motivation has had a lasting impact on the protection of flora and fauna in the Anglesea district.

Congratulations Janet!

Carl Rayner

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