The garden at Anglesea Primary School is a thriving testimony to the beauty of our indigenous vegetation.

ANGAIR, under the inspiring leadership of Bill McKellar, has played a major role in creating and maintaining the swathes of greenery that now replace the bare earth of the new school site.

Primary School gardenBill McKellar, with recently retired principal Pamela Sandlant and new principal Murray Surkitt

Only seven years ago, members of the school community, various environmental organisations, Alcoa representatives, and people from the extended local community came together with many ANGAIR volunteers in an outstanding illustration of good-will in practice. The schoolyard garden was transformed into a sea of plastic tree-guards.

Planting at the primaryschool

This initial planting used 4000 local trees, grasses and understory bushes propagated by ANGAIR. Supplementary planting has continued, replacing losses from natural attrition and small feet.

Parent initiative has led in recent times to the construction of a magnificent undulating play space, designed to expose students to the natural world. Again ANGAIR has provided tube stock, and worked with students and parents to establish extensive plantings.

Many creatures can now be found in the bushy environs. An echidna sometimes visits, to the delight of all.

As well as undertaking weeding outside of school hours, ANGAIR volunteers have attended the school on many Tuesday afternoons, working with every student, building rapport and engagement along with a beautiful school environment. Knowledge and a sense of ownership have been imparted both incidentally and overtly. It is hard to imagine a better way to foster an appreciation of our indigenous flora.

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