After twelve years producing and editing the ANGAIR Newsletter, Des Clark has announced his “retirement”.

ANGAIR is indebted to Des for his highly professional and consistent editorial approach, which produced a Newsletter of very high standard on time for a large readership. In 2009, it was decided to offer an electronic version of the Newsletter so members could choose to receive it by email. Des was instrumental in this development. With the increasing popularity of digital photography, colour images became a feature of the emailed Newsletter and the cost of the monthly mail out was reduced.

On behalf of the Committee and all members, “a big thank you, Des!” Janet Stephens and David Williams have offered to take over from Des and any support you can offer will be gratefully received.

The Committee, after much discussion, has decided to raise Membership Fees. Increased administration costs and anticipated increased newsletter postage costs have necessitated the rise. New fees for 2016 will be $30 and $20 concession.

The fire season this year will be prolonged and likely to impact many areas west of Melbourne. Run off has been minimal and many streams and dams are either dry or very low. Vegetation is drying out rapidly. The Committee urges all members to check their property and surrounds and take action to reduce fire risks now. Fire restrictions are likely to be declared early so we urge you to reduce fuel loads around your property now. You should also have a fire plan for very high fire risk days.

Our plans to build a new propagation facility are progressing. We are now at the “Notice of Application for Planning Permit” stage.

The Show Committee has decided to hold a Wildflower and Art Show in 2016 but on a date that doesn’t clash with the Surf Coast Century running event. Show dates for 2016 are 17th and 18th September.

Peter Forster

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