The Propagating Group will need a new home from 2016, and a Relocation Working Group is seeking a suitable site for the Propagating Group’s new home.


They have been investigating several possibilities, one of which is within the YMCA Camp site in Inverlochy St, Anglesea. This site offers many advantages.


The Relocation Working Group, in consultation with the Propagators, is at present developing a brief of their  needs for the new site,

We are hoping to make the new home as environmentally friendly as possible, reusing building materials where practicable, and aiming to be self-sufficient in water, and ideally power.

If anyone knows of a shed, garage or three drawer filing cabinet that is no longer required, and could be relocated to the Propagating Group’s new home, Bill – 5363 3673 – would be delighted to hear from you.

Great Ocean Road Coastal Committee, GORCC Five Year Plan

The Great Ocean Road Coastal Committee, GORCC, is inviting submissions on the draft master plan for the reserves along a 6 km stretch from Fairhaven to Eastern View. The plan has a 5 year time frame and focuses on:


  • Biodiversity and Cultural Heritage Conservation.
  • Land tenure.
  • Coastal processes and climate change.
  • Aesthetic character, scenic values and sense of place.
  • Recreation and tourism.
  • Interpretation and visitor information.


The draft plan is available on the GORCC website,, (Fairhaven to Eastern View Master Plan), or a hard copy of the survey can be obtained from the GORCC office, 35 Bell St, Torquay, or by phoning 5220 5055.

Submissions can be submitted on line or by hard copy, to be received by midnight on 22 February 2015.

Helen Tutt, Bill McKellar

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