Thirty people participated in this function that was held at Moggs Creek Picnic Ground on Saturday, December 8.

The forecast was not good, with hot northerly winds predicted, but fortunately the weather was kind and those who came along appeared to enjoy themselves.

The walking group met at 10am and had morning tea before setting off on the circuit track that follows the Moggs Creek gully.

Joan Forster, a long time member of both groups, proposed a toast to another successful year

As we walked this pleasant track there was plenty of vegetation to admire, and birds to hear with their calls echoing through the gully.

The small wooden bridges are always good places to stop and see if there is any water in the creek

Buds of Hyacinth Orchids were appearing in large numbers

The white Christmas Bush, Prostranthera lasianthos, was just coming into flower

Red Stinkhorn Starfish Fungus was quite fascinating.  Smelling like rotten meat it attracts blowflies that were resting on the arms.

A young Sulphur-crested Cockatoo was quietly watching us as it remained at the entrance to its nest – once home for Sugar Gliders

Once we reached the Picnic Ground, the remainder of the group had come along and were enjoying chatting to each other.

The Friends’ new sign said “Welcome”

Frank and Lachie had the BBQ lunch ready right on 12 noon.

Frank & Lachie  - the expert chefs

People collected their food and spread out under the tall eucalypts to eat their lunch

Why does food always taste so much better outdoors?

Before we left, thank-yous were expressed by Helen Tutt (ANGAIR) Alison Watson (Friends) and Frank Gleeson (Parks Vic).  Another year has ended, and we are all looking forward to a well-earned break and another successful year in 2013.

Margaret MacDonald



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