A small group of Angair members explored a rather depleted Ixoidia track which had been severely burnt. We walked a short distanced before moving to a side track on the left hand side . This proved to be very interesting and we saw a good variety of plants of the area.


Some of the plants we saw were the majestic Austral Grass-tree, Xanthorrhoea australis, a variety of grass and the Screw Fern, Lindsaea lineari. We saw a number of lilies, including Dianellas, Milkmaids Burchardia umbellata, Chocolate Lilies, Arthropodium strictum, and the Dwarf Wire-lily, Laximannia orientalis.


chocolatelilyChocolate Lily

When we reached Black Wattle Track, we saw a profusion of new Ixodia plants Ixodia achillaeordes subsp alata on both sides of the path. The epicormic growth was noticeable on the large eucalypts due to a very hot fire.

Other flowers noticed were Ivy-leafed Violet, Viola hederacea, Grass Triggerplant, Stylidium graminifolium, Blue Pincushion, Brunonia australis, and the tiny star flower of the white Marianth, Rhytidosporum procumbent.

marianthWhite Marianth

Always remember to take your copy of Flowers of Anglesea and Aireys Inlet to help you identify the plants you see on your walks.

Philipa Hesterman
Group photo by Margaret MacDonald, other photos by Lou Wilson

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