Further to the reports last month of an Osprey sighting at Torquay, there has been another sighting.


On 6 June, on the way to Torquay, we had a very clear viewing of an Osprey as it perched on a dead branch protruding from a Moonah, near the bridge at Spring Creek. It remained on the branch for several minutes, although constantly harassed by Masked Lapwings, Magpies and Magpie Larks.


Other interesting sightings last month  -


  • Two Wedge-tailed Eagles feeding on a road kill on Coalmine Road, just near the roundabout in Anglesea. They eventually flew along the road as a car approached, but soon returned.
  • Two Sooty Oystercatchers on the rock platforms at Point Roadknight.
  • An immature Crested Tern was found at the estuary. It was dead, but in very good condition, and has been offered to the Museum.
  • A Southern Brown Bandicoot, disturbed from its cover, on the heathland hillside off Old Coach Road at Moggs Creek.
  • Aaron Leddon spotted a Southern Brown Bandicoot, whilst assessing pine trees at the Anglesea Heath block bounded by Wilkins St, Camp Rd and Coalmine Rd.
  • Four Hooded Plovers (all banded) at Urquhart Bluff, and one pair (unbanded) seen at Point Roadknight.
  • A Grey/White Goshawk flew near the Anglesea/Torquay Rd roundabout.
  • There has been a small fish kill in the Anglesea River. This will need to be monitored.


The whale migration is in progress. Earlier this month, two whales were seen at Point Addis, and a couple of days later, a pod of whales was seen at Lorne. In Port Phillip Bay, people were treated to the sight of two Humpback Whales, a mother and calf. For update on progress of whale movements along the coast, go to:  www.visitgeelongbellarine.com.au/whale-sightings.

Mike and Kaye Traynor


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